Litter Genie® Easy Roll Refill

The Litter Genie® Easy Roll refill features our beloved multi-layer odor-locking barrier technology bag that stops the sights and smells of soiled cat litter right in their tracks with some impressive newly added benefits. Easy Roll bags are perforated on a roll, allowing you to simply pull and peel off a full bag and effortlessly set-up a new one for ultimate convenience. The refill can last up to 6 months for one cat, so you won’t have to constantly worry about buying and changing refills.

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    • Ultimate odor control - Litter Genie® Easy Roll pail and our multi-layer refill film with odor barrier technology lock away odors from soiled cat litter for up to eight days (for one cat).
    • Effortless clean-up & Long-lasting - Everyday searching for plastic bags and frequent trips to the trash can are now a thing of the past. One refill cartridge lasts up to 6 months (for one cat).
    • Easy to load, Easy to empty – Our new Easy Roll Refill comes with 24 bags that are perforated, on a roll. When the bag is full, the new one is right there.
    • Long-lasting & Sustainable - One Easy Roll refill lasts up to 6 months (for one cat). 80% less plastic used versus original Litter Genie® square refill (1 Easy Roll refill vs 3 original Litter Genie® square refills).
    • Compatible only with Litter Genie® Easy Roll pail.
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    Litter Genie® Easy Roll Pail

    Our newest pail includes a long-lasting refill that can last up to 6 months, a scoop and a scoop holder.

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