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Controlling or eliminating litter odor is an issue that every cat owner must tackle. The first step is to make sure your cat is properly trained and has access to a litter box with fresh litter in it. Most experts recommend having one more litter box than you do cats, so two boxes for one cat, three boxes for two cats and so on. The second step is maintaining the box clean by removing used litter regularly. Scoop clumps into a Litter Genie® pail to help lock litter and odor away.

You can purchase Litter Genie® products at a variety of retailers. Click here to find a retailer near you. Please note – prices vary per retailer!

For homes with multiple cats, there’s the Litter Genie® XL+, which holds up to 50% more than our standard or Plus pails. It’s the nose-friendly, life-improving, happy-dance-inducing bigger savior for both you and your cat.

Scoop the pet waste, open the lid, drop the clumps, and pull the handle to lock it in. Click here to watch our simple three step process.

The Litter Genie® Easy Roll system features a refill containing odor-locking barrier technology that lasts up to 6 months for one cat and is designed with perforated bags on a roll, so no cutting and tying is needed. The Litter Genie® Easy Roll Pail holds up to 8 days of soiled litter for one cat and has a wide disposal opening for an elevated mess-free cleanup experience.

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