Litter Genie® Jumbo Eco Refill

Looking for compostable film for your Litter Genie refills? The Litter Genie Eco Jumbo Refill is the ultimate solution for cat owners to reduce plastic waste. With 28 feet of refill made from compostable film, the Jumbo refill provides up to 4 months of hassle-free use for one cat, eliminating the need to frequently buy and replace refills. Designed to fit your Litter Genie pail, the Litter Genie Eco Jumbo Refill will keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Made from compostable film, these cat poop bags are a conscious choice.

    How to Use
    Compatible With
    • Made from compostable film - The Eco Jumbo refill is made from compostable film that decompose within 6 months based on ASTM D6400 standard.
    • Long-lasting - One refill lasts up to 4 months for one cat.
    • Easy to use - Refills are easy to insert, easy to dispose of.
    • Flexible - Square refill contains continuous film, allowing you to cut and tie it to any length.
    Remove plastic tab
    Tie a knot and pull plastic film through center of refill
    Place refill in pail
    Litter Genie® Standard Pail

    Litter Genie® Standard Pail includes a long-lasting refill that locks odor away.

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    Litter Genie® Plus Pail

    Litter Genie® Plus Pail includes a refill that can last up to 2 1/2 months, a scoop, and a scoop holder.

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    Litter Genie® XL+ Pail

    Larger in size, the Litter Genie® XL+ Pail is ideal for multi-cat homes.

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