Litter Genie® Jumbo Refill

The Litter Genie® Jumbo Refill offers 28 feet of refill film that can last up to 4 months for one cat, so you won’t have to constantly worry about buying and changing refills. Made with a multi-layer refill that blocks odors and keeps your home fresh and clean. The new Jumbo Refill lasts twice as long and uses 35% less cartridge plastic than the standard refills. Cleaning your cat litter has never been so fast and easy. Available in 1 pack, 2 pack, 4 pack and 6 pack.

    How to Use
    Compatible With
    • Ultimate odor control - The pail comes with a multi-layer refill bag with odor-locking barrier technology that prevents odor from escaping.
    • Long-lasting and sustainable - One refill lasts up to 4 months for one cat and uses 35% less cartridge plastic than the standard refills.
    • Easy to use - Refills are easy to insert, easy to dispose of. Flexible - Square refill contains continuous film, allowing you to cut and tie it to any length.
    • Time saving – One Jumbo Refill has the same amount of film as 2 standard refills which means less time spent replacing refills.
    Remove plastic tab
    Tie a knot and pull plastic film through center of refill
    Place refill in pail
    Litter Genie® Standard Pail

    Litter Genie® Standard Pail includes a long-lasting refill that locks odor away.

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    Litter Genie® Plus Pail

    Litter Genie® Plus Pail includes a refill that can last up to 2 1/2 months, a scoop, and a scoop holder.

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    Litter Genie® XL+ Pail

    Larger in size, the Litter Genie® XL+ Pail is ideal for multi-cat homes.

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