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Easy Just Got Easier

August 22, 2022
One of the issues we hear most often as cat behavior experts involves inappropriate urination and defecation. It’s easy to see why people reach out for help. No one wants their house to smell like urine and feces!  After ruling out a medical issue, we go through the list of proper litter box standards. We need to know how many boxes they have, their size, placement, type of litter, and how often they are scooping those…
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It’s Kitten Season

April 5, 2022

Spring has sprung at long-last, flowers and trees are blooming and we’re all grateful for the milder weather after winter. However, along with spring comes KITTEN SEASON. What is Kitten Season? Kitten Season is the time of the year when in-tact feral and stray cats begin to have babies. In much of the warmer climates, cats produce offspring year-round. But that period from April through October is prime kitten season, no matter where you live. Spend some time at your local resc…

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Those Lazy Days of Summer
Keeping Your Kitty Cool

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Independence Day Festivities
Felines and Fireworks

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It’s Raining Kittens!Kitten Season does affect your spayed/neutered cats

12 Ways Cats Say I Love You

A New Year for You and Your Cat

Holiday Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers, by Linda Hall and Rita Reimers

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