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The Litter Genie “Healthy Cats” Program For Vets

A cleaner litter box means less litter box avoidance and inappropriate elimination which can lead to urinary tract issues and other health problems for cats. According to the ASPCA the most common reason cats avoid the litter box is a litter box that’s not clean.

Litter Genie helps cat owners scoop more often which leads to a cleaner litter box – and a happier, healthier cat!

What Is The “Healthy Cats” Program?

Join us on our mission – we’ll send your office an information kit about Litter Genie that includes a stand-up counter display with one hundred $5.00 off coupons toward the purchase of Litter Genie for your patients.

Each month we’ll select one veterinary office to be our “Vet Office of the Month”.

We’re also always on the lookout for experts for media opportunities and advocacy. If your office is interested, please fill out the form and check the box below.

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