Holiday Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers, by Linda Hall and Rita Reimers

It’s no secret that Christmas is on it’s way, along with many other winter holidays. We cat people LOVE our kitties and consider them family, so of course we want them included in our celebrations! How do we celebrate holidays with our kitties? Let’s discover some paw-some ways to celebrate the holidays with food and gifts that are feline friendly!

Let’s start with gifts! Santa puts gifts under my tree for all of my family members and that includes the furry ones! We do tend to splurge a bit for holidays so think about the things you have been thinking of for kitty, but haven’t yet purchased.  Is it time to replace the cat tree? Have you been thinking about a water fountain to encourage more hydration? Now may be the time to make that purchase! 

Are you struggling with Christmas on a budget? Most of us are! If you aren’t able to make a larger purchase at this time, think about other cat essentials. Do the litter boxes need to be replaced? A litter box may not seem like a great gift for your furry friend, but it is! I love a nice, clean bathroom and so does your cat! A fresh, new box is a great gift! I purchased a Litter Genie one year for my cats. Because it’s near and convenient, I scoop more often and that is a gift to my cats!!! 

Of course, toys are always a purrr-fect choice and can be purchased inexpensively. If your house looks like mine, there are a lot of toys and they don’t need more. However, I like to gather up some of their toys and put them in a cupboard for a while. After a month or two, I gather up the remaining toys and switch them out. They get excited to play with those toys, as if they are new! When purchasing toys, take your cat’s purrr-sonality into consideration. If you have an active cat who gets into trouble when bored, look for self play toys. There are toys that charge via USB cords and roll around on their own when touched. My cats love those toys and it keeps them occupied when I am too busy to play with them. Catnip mice are another favorite and are inexpensive also. If your cat enjoys playing with you, most cats love the wand type toys that resemble a fishing pole. This is also a great way to encourage a shy kitty to play. Make sure you look over any toys you are considering purchasing. Are there loose parts your cat could swallow? No one wants to spend a holiday rushing a cat to the vet! Pull and tug on any parts you think may not be secure and remove them before giving the toy to your kitty.

Food is always something your cat will appreciate! Is there a special treat your kitty loves? Rita’s cats love Bonito Flakes. She doesn’t buy them for her kitty kids often, so purchasing them as a Christmas gift is a great idea! Then while Rita is eating her special Christmas dinner, she can give some of those flakes to her kitties so they have a special meal, too! I always put a bag of treats in a Christmas stocking for my cats!

One of the nicest gifts you can give your kitty is a calm, peaceful home. This is TOUGH during holidays. We are stressed! The decorations come out that add new sights and scents to your home. This is a lot of stress on your cat. Play music in the house like Music For Cats or Relax My Cat. If your cat likes to play with your Christmas tree (most do!), keep the glass ornaments off. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt on the broken pieces and you will avoid the stress of seeing you get upset when that special ornament gets broken. 

When you think about it, the most precious gift you can give anyone is your time, attention and love! Take an extra five to fifteen minutes out of your day to devote to play, pets and talking to your sweet feline. Your soothing voice will help keep him calm and reassure him. No amount of money can come close to comparing with the love and attention your kitty gets from YOU!

Meowy Catmas to all of you and remember you can reach out to us for help by visiting us at or emailing

For information or help with your cat’s behavior, visit The Cat Behavior Alliance

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