Happy Birthday Sadie!

We love and adore all of our cats but once in a while, we bring a kitty home who somehow feels extra special. They work their way into our hearts and form a bond we never knew we could have. We call those “soul cats”. Rita had this with her cat, Sadie. This year would have been her 20th birthday.

Although Sadie crossed the rainbow bridge 13 years ago, she will always hold a special spot. Since March is Sadie’s birth month, I wanted to share some great lessons Sadie taught us.

1. You can’t fight what’s meant to be.

Rita’s boss had a litter of kittens. He told her he had a kitten that was meant to be hers, but she refused because she was still grieving the loss of her Mischief. So, another employee took the kitten home and named her Itty-bit. A few days later, the employee brought the kitten back and she was very upset. They loved “Itty-bit” but her husband was allergic, and they couldn’t keep her. Her boss was on vacation, so Rita took the tiny kitten home until he returned. She ended up keeping her and named her Sadie. She should know not to fight what’s meant to be!

2. Question Authority!

When Rita took Sadie for her vet visit, she got bad news. Sadie had a heart condition called VSD. Kittens are usually euthanized for this condition. Rather than let Sadie go, Rita dug in her heels and decided to fight for Sadie. Every vet said Sadie would not live to see six months. Every vet mentioned euthanizing. When Sadie developed a problem with bleeding, Rita had to call several vets before finding someone to treat it. If it didn’t feel right to her, she called another veterinarian’s office until she got help.

3. If at first you don’t succeed …

Rita had to fight to find a veterinarian who would work with Sadie, but with persistence, she found someone! A medication was prescribed to help slow the progress of her heart disease, but Sadie didn’t want to take a pill. Nor the liquid. Nor the medicated treats. Rita had to try many tricks and had some success, but she knew she had to find another answer. Again, she was met with failure after failure, but she kept researching and playing detective. She finally found a compounding pharmacy that would make a transdermal gel for Sadie!

4. Love Conquers!

Every time Rita took Sadie to a new vet, they were shocked that she was alive. This kitten was not supposed to live past 6 months! In the end, Sadie didn’t get a long life, but she lived until two months before her seventh birthday! One veterinarian said, “The only explanation must be love.”

5. Good can come out of tragedy.

Rita was overwhelmed with grief at her loss. Sadie was truly her baby and her death was all consuming. It was hard to function. She used her grief and did what writers do; she wrote about Sadie’s life from a tiny kitten to beautiful adult; she was a cat who beat the odds … with love of course! She wanted to share what she learned and help Sadie live on through her book. 
If you want to read more about Sadie, you can check out her book here. (please put in this link:

For information or help with your cat’s behavior, visit The Cat Behavior Alliance

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