It’s Kitten Season

kitty korner

Spring has sprung at long-last, flowers and trees are blooming and we’re all grateful for the milder weather after winter. However, along with spring comes KITTEN SEASON. What is Kitten Season?  Kitten Season is the time of the year when in-tact feral and stray cats begin to have babies. In much of the warmer climates, […]

Happy Birthday Sadie!

We love and adore all of our cats but once in a while, we bring a kitty home who somehow feels extra special. They work their way into our hearts and form a bond we never knew we could have. We call those “soul cats”. Rita had this with her cat, Sadie. This year would […]

Sharing Thanksgiving Dinner with your Cat

What can your cat safely eat from your table? The next two months of the year are filled with holidays, celebrations, and good food! Since many people consider their cats to be family, it’s only natural to include them in your holiday traditions. Thanksgiving is month, the BIG meal of the year, and we’d like […]

Why Cats Groom

Does it seem like every time you turn around, Miss Fluffy is grooming herself? Well, you aren’t imagining things. Adult cats spend close to half of their waking hours washing themselves, and their cat pals, to purr-fection. They may even decide to groom YOU! Is it healthy that they spend so much time on this […]