It’s Kitten Season

kitty korner

Spring has sprung at long-last, flowers and trees are blooming and we’re all grateful for the milder weather after winter. However, along with spring comes KITTEN SEASON. What is Kitten Season?  Kitten Season is the time of the year when in-tact feral and stray cats begin to have babies. In much of the warmer climates, […]

Happy Birthday Sadie!

We love and adore all of our cats but once in a while, we bring a kitty home who somehow feels extra special. They work their way into our hearts and form a bond we never knew we could have. We call those “soul cats”. Rita had this with her cat, Sadie. This year would […]

12 Ways Cats Say I Love You

You love your cat, and plan to spoil him rotten with kitty gifts on Valentine’s Day to show your love. But, how do you know he really love you back? Sometimes cat parents miss the subtle yet unmistakable signs that tell us that cats do indeed love us back. Here are 12 Way Cats Say […]

A New Year for You and Your Cat

As the December holidays wind down, we breathe a collective sigh of relief! The dinner turned out great, the gifts we chose for our friends and family were a hit, and we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday this year.  It’s time to take a deep breath of satisfaction… Or maybe not.  With the new year comes those […]

Holiday Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers, by Linda Hall and Rita Reimers

It’s no secret that Christmas is on it’s way, along with many other winter holidays. We cat people LOVE our kitties and consider them family, so of course we want them included in our celebrations! How do we celebrate holidays with our kitties? Let’s discover some paw-some ways to celebrate the holidays with food and […]

Sharing Thanksgiving Dinner with your Cat

What can your cat safely eat from your table? The next two months of the year are filled with holidays, celebrations, and good food! Since many people consider their cats to be family, it’s only natural to include them in your holiday traditions. Thanksgiving is month, the BIG meal of the year, and we’d like […]

Halloween and Black Cats

October is the month of Halloween costumes, pumpkin-flavored everything and… black cats. It’s easy to understand the connection between pumpkins and October, since October is peek pumpkin season. But what do black cats and October have in common? How did black cats become synonymous with Halloween? Sometime during the Middle Ages, people started associating black […]

Why Cats Eat Plants

Is your peppermint plant looking less than peppy? Is your lemongrass disappearing before your eyes? If your valerian root is gone before you get the chance to use it yourself, you’re probably wondering if you have a plant infestation going on. If you are regularly finding chew marks on your plants, it might not be […]

Discipline and Cats

I’ve noticed some friends who aren’t “cat people” find me confusing. It appears that our cats are quite spoiled. They seem to have no limits. They view my cats as undisciplined. I also hear from people who recently got their first kitty, asking how to correctly discipline their cat. My answer is … you don’t. […]

Cats and Fireworks

The fourth of July, Independence Day, is upon us. We both love July 4! We love dressing up in red, white and blue and celebrating with our families. Rita has red, white and blue clothes that are ready for the celebration, and Linda has jewelry for the occasion that only comes out once a year! […]