A New Year for You and Your Cat

As the December holidays wind down, we breathe a collective sigh of relief! The dinner turned out great, the gifts we chose for our friends and family were a hit, and we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday this year. 

It’s time to take a deep breath of satisfaction… Or maybe not. 

With the new year comes those pesky New Year Resolutions! What should we promise ourselves for this coming year? What do we need to work on? What goals are reasonable? Will we stick to our resolutions? 

You can always choose to skip the resolutions this year, but you know that people will ask you about them. 

Here at The Cat Behavior Alliance (link:, our lives revolve around cats. We host podcasts, behavior sessions, you-tube videos, and we write many articles about cats. We both live in large, multi-cat households. We include our cats in most everything we do, so it’s only natural to include them as we make our plans for the coming year. 

Have you considered making some changes? What can we change for ourselves that will also be of benefit to the cats? Here are a few ideas:

  • Cat Behavior Correction: The pandemic has been rough on all of us these last two years. It has also been tough on our cats. We started staying home, disrupting our lives and our cats’ lives, too. Then we went back to working at the office and disrupted our cats once again. Some cats developed behavior issues during these disruptions, and that makes our lives even harder.  If you are experiencing cat behavior issues, why not reach out to a cat behavior expert. Get a plan of action to help your kitty’s anxiety and correct those unwanted behaviors. Your life will get easier as a result. What better way is there to start the new year than having a happier cat and a happier you?
  • Volunteer: We have all also suffered a toll on our social and mental health since the pandemic started. Our social lives have suffered and many of us are left feeling very isolated. How can we improve this while helping cats at the same time? Reach out to local rescues and shelters. They all need volunteers and fosters; this will be an opportunity for you to feel great about helping cats while you make friends with the other volunteers. Of course, playing with kitties is always a plus, too!
  • Get Your Physical: Have you had your yearly check up with your doctor? Has your kitty been to the vet? There are many issues that can be found and corrected by getting those regular check-ups for both ourselves and our cats. Let’s schedule that doctor appointment for us, and at the same time make a vet appointment for our cats, too!
  • Clean Up our Food: Are we eating right? Are our cats eating right? While you are taking a hard look at the foods you are consuming, also take a closer look at your cat’s food. Research those ingredients in the foods you both eat! If there are things in there that aren’t so great, maybe it’s time to look for healthier food options for both you and your cat.
  • Exercise: Are we getting enough exercise? If your kitty is leash/ harness trained, maybe it’s time to take a walk together. If your cat, like ours, doesn’t appreciate walking on a leash, take a wand toy and play with kitty as you walk through the house. Kitty will chase that toy as you move! It’s a win for you both.

Whatever you do during this brand-new year to improve the quality of your life, be sure you take the time to improve you cat’s life, too. You will both have more energy and feel better and happier with just a few changes to your daily lives. You and your cat both want to enjoy many more healthy years together, so make those resolutions with your cat as you ring in the new year together.

For information or help with your cat’s behavior, visit The Cat Behavior Alliance

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