12 Ways Cats Say I Love You

You love your cat, and plan to spoil him rotten with kitty gifts on Valentine’s Day to show your love. But, how do you know he really love you back? Sometimes cat parents miss the subtle yet unmistakable signs that tell us that cats do indeed love us back.

Here are 12 Way Cats Say I Love You, each and every day! How many of these have you experienced with your feline valentine?

  1. Tail Up: If your cat greets you with their tail up whenever you enter the room, your cat is saying “You’re the cat’s meow!”
  2. Head Butt (Bunting): When your cat butts against you with their forehead, you have been accepted as one of their clan.
  3. Blinky Eyes: Lock eyes with your cat, and you may notice him slowly blink as he looks at you. This means “I love you” in cat language. Return the slow blink to say I love you back. 
  4. Love Bites: Little nibbles on fingers or a soft nip on the chin are sure signs that your cat loves you with all his feline heart.
  5. Grooming: If your cat attempts to lick and groom your hand, arms, legs, he isn’t telling you it’s time to bathe.  He is claiming you as part of his territory by making you smell like him. It is a supreme sign of affection.
  6. Kneading: When your cat gently needs the blanket near you, or kneads on your lap, he is expressing his utmost contentment and love.
  7. Brings You Toys: Out in nature, cats, especially females, bring their kitten prey in order to feed them. If your indoor cat brings you his toys, accompanied by high pitch meowing, he is showing his love by trying to feed you. Apparently he doesn’t think you are capable of hunting for yourself, but that’s okay!
  8. Rub/Mark You: Rubbing against you with his cheeks and whiskers is another way cats mark you as their property. At the same time, he is telling you he loves you very much.
  9. Follows You: If your cat follows you from room to room, wanting to be everywhere you are, you can be sure he loves you. 
  10. Shows His Belly: When a cat shows his belly, that is the highest example of trust and love that he can show. He feels safe with you and that is a-meow-zing!
  11. Meow: Cats only meow to their cat moms as kittens, and then to us when they become adults. The do not use meow to communicate to one another; its reserved for the human he loves.
  12. Purr: That low rumbling purr you feel and hear means your cat wants to be no other place than right  by your side. He is indeed in love with you.

Now that you know what to look for, you will see how your cat says I love you each and every day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day! Be sure to return his love with a special new toy or extra special meal on February 14 and see how many of these signs you see!

For information or help with your cat’s behavior, visit The Cat Behavior Alliance

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