Litter Genie® Pail Instruction

Inside the pail, you'll find a refill containing seven-layer bag with barrier technology to lock in odor and germs, a scoop & scoop holder

To get started:

Getting Started With Litter Genie

1. Insert the scoop holder in the grooves on either side.

2. Insert the refill (see instructions below).

View a video demonstration here.

Inserting the refill is a breeze!

Litter Genie Refills

1. Pull the refill’s plastic tab and remove the outer rim.

Litter Genie Refills

2. Start at the notch left by the tab, pull about one foot of film.

Then push down the film through the center of the rim and tie a knot at the bottom.

Litter Genie Refills

3. Open the lid and pull the funnel up. A lip around the inside of the unit will be visible.

Place the refill so that it sits on the lip.

Pull the handle and push the film down into the bottom chamber of the unit.

Easy To Refill Kitty Litter Pail

4. Push down the funnel and close the lid.

Now you’re ready to use. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Litter Genie Cleaning Instructions

1. Scoop clumps from litter box.

Litter Genie Cleaning Instructions

2. Open lid, drop in clumps and close lid.

Litter Genie Cleaning Instructions

3. Hold down pail and pull handle – clumps are sealed away for up to 14 days for one cat.

The unique, air-tight design helps keep smells in, even when you open the lid.

Ready to empty the bag? Simply:

Easy To Empty Kitty Litter Bag

1. Open the unit at the middle.

Easy To Empty Kitty Litter Bag

2. Use the built-in child-proof cutter to cut the bag then tie it.

Easy To Empty Kitty Litter Bag

3. Pull down plastic film to bottom of the unit, tie a knot & close the unit.

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