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sandra, Englewood FL - 4/13/2014
our cat travels with us in our rv. litter and has always been a problem. I think this is our salvation!

Elizabeth, Erie PA - 4/8/2014
We have two Litter genie's and LOVE THEM!!!! Best invention ever!

maria, annapolis MD - 4/8/2014
IT IS GREAT My daughter and I aren't fighting as much . I CAN NOT STAND cat STINK .... I was looking for a new home for this BEAUTIFUL Kitty I was the one who brought him home from a trip to Florida , It was my sisters . She died I got the kitty I was raised on a farm CATS stay OUTSIDE . but this is a RAGDOLL and he is very CUTE There is hope . If we can keep the STINK down He can stay with us No broken hearts

Shannon, Indianapolis IN - 4/6/2014
Love this! I scoop my cat's litter box almost daily & it's nice to not have to worry about bagging it every time :)

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